Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Being Human UK, Series 3, Episode 6 - Daddy Ghoul

George is shocked to discover that his father has died. But not as shocked as when he meets the ghost of George Senior. Meanwhile, the Box Tunnel investigation closes in on Mitchell.

What I Thought
Mitchell is still feeling the guilt of the Box Tunnel massacre and is trying to keep it all hush hush and away from his friends eyes. Unfortunately Annie is too nosey for her own good sometimes and whilst stealing the paper away from Mitchell, finds out that George’s dad is dead. This prompts George to visit his old home town to attend his father’s funeral from a distance. Upon arriving he spots a familiar face, his dad, George Senior, hiding behind a tree watching his own funeral. George realises that his dad is a ghost and must have some unfinished business so he makes it his duty to help his dad fulfil his bucket list so he can pass on to the other side.

Meanwhile, Annie discovers what happened in Bristol before they left when a police lady comes to investigate Mitchell about the atrocious event that was the Box Tunnel slaughter. Annie can’t believe that Mitchell is being targeted and makes it her mission to help the detective to find the real killer. By doing this, Annie ends up pointing the finger at another supernatural. Will this person tell all?

Elsewhere, Herrick is feeling the effects of blood withdrawal. Mitchell is determined to get him back to his old self so that he can find out the way to survive a werewolf attack. Our much loved vampire is still worrying about his fate in the shape of a wolf. Does Herrick hold the answers that he so greatly wants; only one way to find out.

This is another episode I think that left me with mixed feelings. I think this is because the tone of the series is getting much darker as the finale approaches. There were one or two moments where I giggled and again that was at George’s expense but it was well needed. I am getting anxious as the end of the series nears because we know that Mitchell is going to be attacked sometime soon but we don’t know who by or when and then there is the re-birth of Herrick. Waiting for him to turn back to his old self won’t take long I don’t think. I can see Herrick being back on form by the end of the next episode. I think all it will take is drinking blood from a living person...but who will the unfortunate soul be?

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