Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Being Human UK, Series 3, Episode 5 - The Longest Day


Herrick is back, but is he megalomaniac vampire or defenceless victim? His life hangs in the balance whilst the housemates try to decide.

What I Thought
The Longest Day was one of those episodes where I felt and I didn’t really know how I felt about it at the end of it. Well that’s how it was for me anyway.

George discovers Herrick at the hospital where he and Nina work and he is absolutely gob smacked. He doesn’t know how Herrick got there but he knows that he can’t let him be discovered by the media or else it will mean all supernaturals will be in danger and that’s not good when you have a hairy were-baby on the way. Quick thinking Nina claims he is her uncle and takes Herrick home to Honolulu Heights to live with them.

A flustered social worker stops by to make sure everything is as it should be and basically to tick all the boxes for her paperwork. But the poor woman is harassed and overworked and gets herself in a bother. Nina takes advantage of this to prevent the social worker searching for Herrick’s records and coming up blank. That would raise one too many questions. Another disaster averted.

Meanwhile, Mitchell, if he was alive would be having a heart attack, but he’s not so being the vampire that he is he wants to eliminate any threat to him or his friends and that includes Herrick. He doesn’t believe that he is the defenceless victim that Nina makes him out to be and just wants him gone, but George gives him an ultimatum; stake Herrick and they are no longer friends.

Annie, is torn to pieces in this programme, both relationship wise and friend wise. She is hurt and confused but she still wants to do what is best by her friends and that means get rid of Herrick. She wants to stake him for everyone’s sake but Mitchell convinces her not to.

The episode ends with one member of the gang finding out about Mitchell’s horrible secret, the Box Tunnel massacre and Mitchell thinks he knows who will be the ‘wolf shaped bullet’ that is after him.

Overall, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this episode. So much happened in a short space of time and the tone was quite dark. Herrick had me convinced for a while that he was some defenceless sod that doesn’t know who he is or what he is but then there are moments where you see the real Herrick shining through and it makes you question what he’s up to. I think deep down Herrick knows what and who he is and he is playing a game to get closer to Mitchell but only time will tell. What did you guys think?

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