Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Becoming Human, Episode 5

This week’s episode opens with a dictated letter written by Matt to Christa confessing his undying love for her. Matt reads this whilst we are shown a flashback to the day that Matt died in the toilets. In the flashback we get to see where else Christa is scarred and she has definitely been attacked, whether it’s werewolf or animal, we don’t know for certain as Christa is clearly in denial about her being supernatural. To me that screams that she is a werewolf but doesn’t know it yet and possibly hasn’t gone through the change yet or has but has blanked it out. I am sure we will find out soon.

Adam declares that he and Christa must have a public break up. He seems to think that everyone was convinced by his hand snog and that he and Christa are a couple. But he hints slightly that he wants to keep it going, which shows, somewhere deep down he wants Christa or he is just an old pervy vampire. I am going to go with the latter hehe!

An argument between a teacher and another person gives the trio another possible lead as to who killed Matt. This prompts them back go back and take a closer look at the toiler where Matt died. This is where they bump into their new suspect and it makes Adam and Christa think that they are on the right track. Not only are the gang bad detectives as none of their suspects have been correct so far but it seems that they are all blind also. Footage of the killer may be lurking somewhere but they need to find it.

Overall, the episode this week was pretty good.  I hope we get the Christa mystery dealt with soon and get to see her change. Adam might just want to keep his distance during that time or else he will be were-meat. I can’t wait!

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