Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: Becoming Human, Episode 6

This weeks’ webisode is slowly bringing us full circle in the ‘who killed Matt’ mystery. This week the gang have been investigating the possible escape route of Matt’s killer as they follow the map that marks all the CCTV cameras in the school.

They find themselves in the gym and having to hide from Mr Roe, the P.E. teacher, inside the gym equipment. Mr Roe finds them hiding out but is none the wiser as they are too engrossed in one another for Roe to think they were spying on him.

Christa finally admits that there is something supernatural about her. Her nose has been picking up scents that neither Adam or Matt can pick up. Matt not picking them up the scent is obvious as he is a ghost but I would have thought Adam would have smelt something seeing as he is a vampire and would have a keen sense of smell. Then again Mitchell doesn’t seem to have as such a good nose as George does in Being Human. Christa is still in denial at being a werewolf and she isn’t ready to admit it to anyone out loud. She will admit there is something weird about her and it has to do with the full moon, but nothing more. Poor Christa, I feel sorry for her. Having to go through all this without anyone else. Reminds me of George before he had Nina in Being Human.

Overall an insightful episode. We find a possible location for Matt’s body and this would indicate that the gang are onto the killer. Next week’s episode looks promising with a full moon on the way.

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