Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review: Becoming Human, Episode 4

The gang introduce us to Brandy Mulligan or should that be Brandy Crompton? She comes from a feared family that are known for beating up and bullying people. But she goes one step too far and it could now be her life on the line if Adam’s vampire side has anything to do with it. Luckily he has Christa trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Christa tries to coerce Brandy into admitting that she murdered Matt after catching him spying on her in the changing room. But she soon finds out that Matt has been pointing Christa and Adam in the wrong direction once again and we find out why.

My favourite part of this episode was the awkward moment between Adam and Christa in front of Brandy when they try to make it look like they are a couple. Christa looks like she wants to positively puke whereas Adam, I think looked awkward due to his lack of interaction and experience with girls.

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