Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Review: ARC In The Storm by Karen Metcalf

My Rating: VG, P, B

Published: 2011
Publisher: Vagabond Press

(Book cover and synopsis taken from Vagabondage Books)

Abandoned by the world around her, Carly believes she is fated to a life of torment at the hands of her stepfather and is desperate for an escape. When she can bear the abuse no longer and gives in to a thunderous rage, she suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar, yet beautiful, storm world. This limbo between dimensions appears to be her private sanctuary, but it may just be her purgatory.
No one escapes fate without sacrifice, but is the price more than Carly is willing to pay?

In The Storm by Karen Metcalf, is a moving novella that delves into the realms of fate, what if’s and anger.

Poor Carly has had a tough upbringing, dealing with an abusive step father and caring for her younger brother, Mitchell. No wonder her anger gets the better of her. Eventually her rage takes over and transports her to this beautiful purple storm world. This is her only escape from reality.

In her storm world, Carly meets a boy, his name is Morgan. He is her guardian, sort of. He tries to explain to her the best he can what the storm world is and how it affects them. Carly is more concerned as to what is happening back in the real world to Mitchell when she is off gallivanting in her storm world. But she doesn’t know how escape from the storm world, this is where she needs to depend on Morgan.

Well I must say that this story was rather touching and moving. I felt so bad for Carly and Mitchell for having to put up with such an awful step father. Carly is burdened even more by trying to protect her Mitchell as best she can but she isn’t always successful. The history behind the tree in Carly’s storm world I thought was rather fascinating as well as the initials that are carved into it. Quite an inventive feature and central to Carly’s story.

What intrigued me the most was Morgan. I wanted to know so much more about him, just like Carly. I had an inkling as to who Morgan was as I read on, but wasn’t too sure so I was happy to find out that I was right in the end. Made the ending so much better for me but at the same time I wanted it to keep going. There is so much more of Carly’s story I want to know. This book is definitely worth the read and it won’t take you long.

Disclaimer: This e-book ARC was sent to me by the author for review. I have not been paid to review this book and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.


Jenny said...

Nice review Naomi! I haven't read this one yet, but I'm so glad to know you enjoyed it. It seems like despite it's short length, she manages to write a complete and interesting story with some fabulous characters:) Thanks for sharing this, I haven't read too many reviews for this one yet!

Karen said...

Thanks Jenny! I hope you give it a shot!

Karen Metcalf

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