Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Becoming Human, Episode 7

This week webisode follows Christa acting as bloodhound to try and find Matt’s dead body. After speaking with George, Adam helps Christa set up an area where she will go to change. He does this with the trusty old chicken on a string. Gotta love the chicken on a string.

Christa uses her heightened sense of smell due to the full moon to try and find Matt’s body. Unfortunately for Adam and Matt they get stuck in the same room as her whilst she changes into a werewolf. This wouldn’t really do anything to Matt but it could mean Adam’s final death. The vampires quick thinking gets Christa into a cupboard away from him and this is where Christa remains for the duration of the night.

The morning after the full moon is when they discover Matt’s body after joking that Christa had probably eaten it when she was in wolf form as they eat anything. Good thing she never ate him, I don’t think she would be able to stop throwing up knowing she has ate the only evidence they had to proving Matt was murdered and that it still leaves Matt with unfinished business. Oh and the fact that she ate a human being. Would it be cannibalism if Christa ate Matt’s body whilst she is a werewolf? Hmm..may have to ponder that one.

My favourite part of the whole episode was watching Christa’s transformation. It was so different from George, Nina, McNair and Tom. I did feel really bad for her because she has to go through all this alone, she hasn’t had anyone to help her with the werewolf stuff. I think she should go meet George and Nina. Fingers crossed we have a merging of the series’ in the Becoming Human finale. I think meeting Nina and George would do Christa a lot of good. It may help her embrace the wolf as part of her or just not let it bother her the other twenty odd days of the month.

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