Review Policy

If any authors or publishers would like me to review any of their books/ARC’s (new or old) I am happy to accept. I am also happy to participate in author interviews and host contests.

I spend a good 20 hours a week if not more reading, about 2-3 books. It’s something that I enjoy doing and I love to get lost in a good story. Writing reviews for books has helped me appreciate the story more for what it is and helps the story stay with me.

I like to read the following genres but I am not limited to them;

- Paranormal Romance
- Urban Fantasy
- Fantasy
- Young Adult
- Adult

If you wish to offer me a book out with these genres, please feel free to send me an e-mail with a synopsis of the no and I will get back to you letting you know if I am interested or not.

If you are offering a book for review that is part of a series, please take note that I may ask for a copy of the previous books in the series as I may not have read the series before. I will review the other books in the series as well as the latest release within the series.

Any books that are provided for review can be in hard copy or PDF/Kindle format (as I now own a Kindle – thank you lovely fiancé).

When I accept a book to review, it doesn’t guarantee that I will review the book. I do try to review every book I read but sometimes this isn’t possible. I won’t review a book that I have not finished. This is because I don’t think I can write a good, honest, fair review without having read the book in its’ full.

In my book reviews I will include the following;

- Cover art*
- Synopsis*
- Link to Author’s Website
- Link to and
- My personal thoughts/favourite moments from the book
- Personal rating using my rating system (see sidebar in main blog area)
- Published Date/Year and Publisher*
- Disclaimer stating who provided the book for review and that I do not accept payment for reviewing books as this is just a hobby and I am not interested in it to earn money

*Taken from book/book flap, author’s website, Amazon or Google(for images of the cover art of that book that I have).

I am open to extras that you wish to add to the review, e.g. book stats, series information, link to publishers website etc. In addition to the review being posted on my blog, I also post my reviews on and (mainly paranormal, sci-fi, dystopian genres).

I will try to read the book/ARC and review within a timely manner. If you want the book reviewed by a specific date then please make sure you mention this in your e-mail. Otherwise I will read them as I go through my books.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Review Policy and if you wish to get in contact about sending books/ARC’s for reviews please e-mail me at shoutnaomi at googlemail dot com.