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Review: ARC of The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver

My Rating: E, P, B

Published: 2011

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

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Riley has always wanted to be a Demon Trapper, but it’s tough being the only girl in an all-guy world. It doesn’t help that three of those guys are making her life pretty complicated: Simon, the angelic apprentice who has heaven on his side; Beck, the tough trapper who thinks he’s God’s gift, and Ori, the strikingly sexy stranger who keeps turning up to save her life.

One thing’s for sure – if she doesn’t keep her wits about her there’ll be hell to pay...

Forsaken is the first book in The Demon Trappers series by Jana Oliver. This book had me laughing, nearly crying and shouting in my head all the way through. I was instantly hooked and could not put this book down.

Riley Blackthorne is an apprentice trapper to her dad, Paul, the most well known master trapper that there is in Atlanta. She strives to be the best she can be and sorely wants to be like her dad and just wants to make him proud.

Beck used to be Riley’s dad’s apprentice but has currently taken up the occupation of being the biggest thorn in her side. He gets on her every last nerve no matter what he does. There’s a few reasons why Riley detests Beck so much but I will leave that for you to find out by reading the book. The conflict between these two characters makes for an interesting read. I love their quick witted quips back and forth.

Simon is a fellow apprentice of Riley’s but he works for another master, Harper. He looks out for Riley and likes her. His support and friendship means a lot to Riley as she doesn’t have much friends.

I have so many favourite moments from this book and it was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. Some of my favourite moments are between Beck and Riley and Peter and Riley. These are the most funny interactions I have come across in a book in a while.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It’s definitely a must read if you like dystopian type stories that are based around the supernatural. There are a few curse words so I would think this book would be best aimed towards teens and adults.

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by Amazon for review. I have not been paid to review this book and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.

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