Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmassy Fun Quiz with...Carolyn Crane

Last but by no means least, I introduce to you the awesome and amazing author...Carolyn Crane

Carolyn Crane is one of my favourite urban fantasy authors of all time. I only discovered her (via lastbitepodcast) this year and I am so glad that I did. Carolyn is author of the Disillusionist Trilogy. Two books from the series are currently released and I am hungrily awaiting the release of book three =). Please take the time to check Carolyn Crane's website out.

You can follow Carolyn in the following ways;

Twitter: @CarolynCrane

Now on with the crazy quiz...

  1. If you could stop time for one night like Santa Clause, what would you do with it?
    OMG, Naomi, you don’t start with the easy ones. I think I’d sit in front of the fireplace with my husband and read. And have music on. And I would feel like I had all my work done. The cats would be there - behaving, because it’s a magical night. Also, cheese and crackers would be involved.  
  1. If you could take one moment from a past Christmas and put it in a snow globe, what moment would it be and why?
    I’d go for the Christmas when I was six. I think our family was really happy that year. Christmas seemed magical, and my sisters and I believed in Santa.   
  1. When you think of Christmas, do you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside or do you just think ‘it’s just another day and want it to be over with’?
    I don’t think of it as another day at all, and I hate to admit this, but I do sometimes hate Christmas. I wish I loved it like some other people do. Somehow, I never feel like I’ve done enough, or gotten people good enough presents or something. My guilty conscience!   
  1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas and why?
    When it’s over. Look at me! I am always really relieved. Maybe that is why I write urban fantasy! It is the most un-Christmassy genre, besides horror.  
  1. Do you have any Christmas traditions that you always keep to?
    Actually, I love to take a walk with family on Christmas. That is a really important tradition for me, and our family has always done that, like after Christmas dinner, or sometimes, after the present-opening frenzy. I think, just the action of slowing down and being outside is nice, and gives a sort of good holiday feeling about relationships and all that. At least for me.   
  1. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
    LOL. Oh yes yes yes. And I have always felt bad about it. I always feel like the people know!!
7. Tree topper: Star or Angel? Star!

8. Sledge or bin lid? What? I don’t know what either of those things are. Oh, maybe a kind of sled? Like a saucer? If you are asking sled or saucer, saucer all the way!

9. Red or Green? Red red red!

10. Rockin’ Robin or Jingle Bell Rock? Rockin’ Robin, you kook. That is your funniest question.

11. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Day.

12. Mistletoe: Yes or No? Alas, no.

Thanks again Carolyn for taking part...Merry Christmas!!!

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