Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmassy Fun Quiz with...Susan Mann from SUSANKMANN

Now here's a wifie that kens a thing or two aboot a good book, let me introduce ti ya..Susan fae SUSANKMAN!!!

(Translation: Now here's a woman that knows a thing or two about a good book, let me introduce to you...Susan from SUSANKMANN)

Susan is not only an avid book reader but she is a full time mother, wife, worker and aspiring writer. On the side, Susan is also a distributor for the amazing book series 'Of Witches and Warlocks' by Lacey Weatherford. If you are interested in purchasing any of the books in the series, get in touch with Susan. 

In her spare time, Susan takes parts in writing workshops and updates her blog with reviews of anything that affect her life, from books to the latest toys her little boys have got and she hosts giveaways.

You can follow Susan in the following ways:


Twitter: @susankmann

Now let's get on with the wacky Christmas Quiz...

1. Do you have any Christmas traditions that you always keep to?

Give PJ’s as present and open them Christmas eve to wear them on Christmas morning.

2. When you think of Christmas, do you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside or do you just think ‘it’s just another day and want it to be over with’?

Warm and fuzzy I love, love, love Christmas.

3. If you could stop time for one night like Santa Clause, what would you do with it?

Since I have two toddlers this would probably be sleep. Or read all night. Not exciting but I love to read.

4. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

Yes, I got really nice perfume for my birthday but I already had two bottles of it so I gave one away as a Christmas present.

5. What will your New Year resolution for 2011 be and why?

To keep writing and get my novel ready to submit to an agent.

6. If you could take one moment from a past Christmas and put it in a snow globe, what moment would it be and why?

The last Christmas my dad was alive. Or maybe this one as both my boys will be old enough to enjoy and know what Christmas is all about.

7. Mistletoe: Yes or No? No

8. Red or Green? Red

9. Real tree or artificial tree? Artificial

10. Rockin’ Robin or Jingle Bell Rock? Jingle Bell Rock

11. Milk or Brandy? Brandy

12. Tree topper: Star or Angel? Angel

Thanks for taking part Susan...Merry Christmas!!!

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