Friday, 3 September 2010

Blog Hop...(8)

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Book Blogger Hop

This is my eighth hop and I am still finding awesome blogs - I think you should go have a peruse at the list of bloggers. You will most definitely find a blog you like - it's hard not to.

Blog Hop Question: Do you judge a book by its cover?

If I have heard it's a great book and I want to read it, I won't care what the book cover is like.

If it's a book that I haven't seen before and it's sitting there on a shelf, then yes sometimes I do judge it by it's cover. The cover has to lure me in to get me to read the synopsis. I sometimes pick up books with covers that are not appealing to me to read the synopsis at least, but the majority of the time if the book cover doesn't have me wanting to pick up the book then I don't.

I know it's a real bad thing to do, but to me a book cover is meant to sum up the book without giving too much away e.g. Hush Hush the cover had boy on the front with wings so it was obvious the book was about angels which appeals to me so I picked it up (this isn't exactly how it happened for me with this book, but using it as an example).

EDIT: After reading some other responses to this question, I have realised I have left some things out.
1. A pretty cover will lure me in but I won't buy it solely based on the cover art, the synopsis has to be good also, otherwise there's no point buying it as I won't read it.
2. Attractive covers do get me to go over to the book, but once I am done looking at all the pretty covers I do go and look at other books that may not be as alluring but have a great synopsis.
3. If it's an author that I like and enjoy reading their work, then most of the time I won't bother to look at the cover other than to search for the title or the author's name to make sure I'm picking up the right book. Majority of the time I buy it because I like the author's writing and know I will enjoy it regardless of the cover art. But if it's just books I am perusing through to see what there is then yes, the attractive covers do lure me first but they aren't what I buy the book for.
Happy hopping!! Have a great weekend folks!


Kah Woei said...

Yup, that's the same for me. After all what else can I judge the book by if I don't know the title or the author. LOL.

TheBookishSnob said...

Hi :) I've been known to gloss over books with BLAH covers. Funny thing is when I later look back over them and read the blurb, I end up buying it and loving it.
Hope you have a great weekend !!Here's my Hop

Danielle said...

Happy Friday!

Just stopping by on the hop and follow Friday. I love to see all the different blog design and to make new friends. I'm now a follower.

Have a great weekend!!

Jenny said...

I'm an old follower, I'm just saying hi:) I do the same thing as you, the cover is like a little visual synopsis and if it's awful I tend to pass it by:(

Angela (Library Girl Reads) said...

Just hopping by...

I agree with your cover thoughts - my answer is pretty similar.

Have a great weekend :-)

Kt said...

Just stopped by for the hop. I hope you have a great weekend!!
A Book Obsession..

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Black Disaster Fairy said...

Great full answers!

Found you via the book hop;)

Black Disaster Fairy

pussreboots said...

Happy Friday. Yes I judge books by their covers.

Midnight Bloom said...

Hey! I'm stopping by via the hop! I tend to judge books by their covers but I always read the description as well to see if it's the type of novel that would appeal to me. :)

Have a great weekend!