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Review: Undead and Uneasy - MaryJanice Davidson

My Rating: E, L, H

Published: 2007
Publisher: Piatkus

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Betsy Taylor, undead vampire queen, has been given a new nickname by her nearest and dearest: Bridezilla. Because whether you’re alive or undead, planning weddings is a bitch. Especially when your groom thinks the whole thing is a waste of time.

Betsy’s also dealing with a full house: she lives with a ghost (Cathy), a werewolf (Antonia), a gay physician/human (Marc), her fiancĂ© and vampire king (Eric Sinclair), her best friend (Jessica), and a recovering Fiend (Garrett). But when Sinclair disappears and then, one by one, her friends go missing, Betsy begins to get seriously uneasy…

Undead and Uneasy is the sixth installment in the Queen Betsy series. This book is full of witty comments, action and baby sick.

I don’t know how MaryJanice Davidson does it. Every time I read one of her books I’m constantly giggling to myself. Betsy’s humour , wit and ability to get into trouble no matter what she does just leaves me in hysterics.

Betsy has some trying times in this book but it’s nice to see that she is able to sort out some of her previous problems from the other books in the series. She finally makes amends with John Delk, who was previously a Blade Warrior who killed vampires, and they become friends again. We learn more about Antonia’s pack. Marc finally finds love or more like lust at this stage, but finally he is getting some action.

The book starts with Betsy and Eric looking over wedding announcement cards and as usual Eric shows no enthusiasm for this task. We then go on to Betsy looking for her wedding gown which isn’t successful. Then something terrible happens that affects Betsy deeply and then everyone starts to go missing.

Betsy is alone for the majority of this book apart from the odd phone call from Tina, who is stranded in another country and garbles phones calls from Marc that makes no sense and sounds like he’s in danger. The Vampire Queen is working hard trying to figure this mess all out when she is attacked. Once the attack is over, she is finally able to move on to try and find her loved ones.

Finally clarity hits Betsy, in the strangest of places, during a phone call with her mother. Seriously I think it’s so funny how Betsy comes up with the answers to everything. But even this enemy seems too strong for Betsy. Does she find her loved ones and rescue them? Well I’ll leave you guys to read the book to find out for yourselves.

Again, I have enjoyed this book as I have all the previous book in the series. I think this book is exceptional, highly entertaining, full of antics and baby sick. What more do you want from a book? Well maybe less of the baby sick. I would recommend this book for young adults and upwards and is definitely worth the read.

Disclaimer: I have not bought this book or been given it free of charge and I am not receiving money to review this book. I borrow this book from the local library and everything I have said is based on my honest opinion.

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