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Review: The Vampire Warden by S.J.Wright

My Rating: VG, B, L

Published: 2011
Publisher: Self Published

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“I couldn't seem to contain the inferno burning inside me, being that close to him. Even knowing the danger he posed and the gruesome scenes that must have been caused by him, I still felt a burning inside me every time I heard his voice or felt his hot gaze on me.

But I was the Warden. He was one of the damned. We were destined to be at odds. Enemies. “

Sarah Brightman, having just lost her father to cancer, is stunned to discover that the mother she thought was dead is actually still alive. She also finds out that the legacy her father left her is a lot more than just an Inn on the outskirts of Nashville, Indiana. She has a frightening new responsibility.

The Vampire’s Warden is the first novel in the ‘Undead in Brown County’ series by S.J Wright. This book was a delectable and great read.

Sarah Brightman is an independent and strong willed young woman. Her mother left her and her sister when she was little and now their father has died. The family business, a bed and breakfast, has been passed over to Sarah whilst her sister, Katie, continues her studies at a college far from home.

After their father’s death, Sarah finds out a lot more than she thought she knew like the fact that she has been living right next two vampires her entire life. With the help of Nelly, her exuberant and serious employee, and Alex, a wayward stranger that seems to know a lot about Sarah’s missing mother, she finds out all about her heritage.

I really enjoyed this book. I’m not sure which vampire’s side I am on though. Both are gorgeous, charismatic, charming and endearing. Michael has this way of winning you over and making you think that he has done nothing wrong, whereas the other vampire has been nothing but helpful to Sarah but at the same time keeping a lot of secrets from her that she ends up figuring out on her own and blowing up about.

My favourite moments were the flashbacks that Sarah got. I also thought it was brilliant that Sarah wasn’t all too gullible to believe that vampire’s existed right off the bat. She needed some convincing which I found quite realistic. I know I certainly wouldn’t believe that vampires existed just because I read it in a book. Pretty sure if I did, people would think I was a lunatic and cart me off to the nut house. I can’t say I disliked any parts from the book. Everything seemed to flow easily and was a nice light read.

Overall, I would recommend this book to everyone except for young children. Excellent read for a teenager and young adult enthusiasts alike.

Disclaimer: I was sent this e-book as part of a blog tour via The Bookish Snob Promotions. I have not been paid for this review and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.

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