Monday, 18 April 2011

Dreamwalk Blog Tour: Guest Post from Sarah MacManus

Little Episodes

When Naomi asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for her blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to help promote my favorite non-profit org, Little Episodes. Little Eps is an arts community currently based in London that works to promote artists, writers, poets and performers. It was started a few years ago by actress Lucie Barât, and the whole crew works to help get writers published, get performers onstage and get artist’s work scene.

I ‘met’ Lucie online back in 2008 when we both had short stories in the same issue of an online journal called “The Battered Suitcase.” When she told me about her vision for Little Episodes, I was instantly taken and of course I volunteered to help out. She wanted to produce a volume of short stories and poetry that let writers express the ups and downs, the depression, addiction and other life-numbing, art-killing problems of working in the arts industry. Who knew better than us how it can wear you down, trying to make a living in an unsympathetic industry?
(Lucie Barat and Sadie Frost)
Over the last three years, that volumes of prose and poetry has grown into a vibrant organization. The anthologies themselves have featured work from renowned poet Todd Swift, award winning author Melvin Burgess and actress Sadie Frost.

Little Episodes has a monthly club night in London, where writers, artists, poets and performers can meet up, socialize, network and share their work through performance and collaboration. Our club nights have featured emerging music artists like Kieran Leonard and The Penny Ballads, as well as better known performers like Carl Barât (Lucie’s brother) and most recently, Adam Ant.

(Adam Ant)

Little Episodes has an online community where artists can share and promote their work, learn from each other, get support and develop friendships that make the life with an uncertain calling less stressful and more fun. It’s open to the public and anyone can join and everyone is welcome to the events. So if you just like to read, or are just starting to think about writing, painting, or playing, you’ll be welcome.

Soon to come is a café in Brighton, with food and drink, bookshop, wifi, poetry readings, performances and art workshops.

I’m really proud to be associated with Little Episodes and hope that it continues to strike a chord with readers and writers alike.

You can find them online at or on Facebook.

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