Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Review: Being Human UK, Series 3, Episode 4 - The Pack


George and Nina search for other werewolves in their quest to find out if their unborn baby will survive the transformation. With the full moon approaching, Mitchell has cause to feel nervous.

What I Thought

Well, this episode was very interesting. Nina and George are on a mission to find out more about the wolves that are inhabiting the woods close to their home and if they can give them any insight to their wolf pregnancy. McNair is not forthcoming with any information on their first acquaintance but when Tom breaks into their house in the middle of the night and ends up with a few injuries, he can’t do anything and Tom tells them about how he was born. Nina tends to his wounds and Tom tells her about his mum and dad. Something doesn’t feel quite right so Nina does some more investigating. It does help that the teenage werewolf is head over heels in love with Nina, so it means extracting information from his is a lot easier than it would be from McNair.
Meanwhile, Mitchell and Annie are trying alternative methods to overcome their physical barrier. Annie being a ghost can’t actually touch anyone. I think we may see some on-screen touching but I don’t think either of them can feel it as Annie doesn’t have a body and well Mitchell can’t feel her because she is a ghost. So Annie comes up with a bright idea of trying to feel everything through another human. This leads to a rather awkward meeting with George in the hallway in the middle of the night. Things don’t go to plan and it leaves our newest couple in despair as to how to carry on their relationship.

Elsewhere in the vampire community, the dog fights are still going on which is good for Mitchell as it gives him the perfect opportunity to serve his latest rival, and threat, up to the local vampires and he hopes that they get rid of him. Unfortunately, Mitchell, leads them straight to the wrong ones. This means he must fight side by side with the werewolves to save his friends. A lot of vampire blood is spilled but it turns out all good in the end. But Mitchell still has to watch out for his ‘Wolf Shaped Bullet’..but he doesn’t have to worry for another month, until the next full moon.

I felt kind of awkward watching Annie and Mitchell to begin with as it was obvious that Annie was trying too hard. But I can understand why she was trying to pursue the matter as much as she was...who wouldn’t want to get down and dirty with Mitchell?! Hehe!! I can’t tell you my favourite part, but I am sure you will figure it out once you are there...it has something to do with Annie’s bright idea.

We caught a glimpse of next week’s episode and I can tell you I am very excited as Herrick is back. I don’t particularly like his character but it will be interesting to see how they introduce Herrick back into Mitchell’s life and hopefully there will be further information as to how he was brought back to life even though he was torn to pieces. I’m intrigued by the whole back story and mythology of the Being Human characters so I am anxious to learn more. On the other hand, I am so depressed because we only have four more episodes left and then we will have to wait and see if it returns for another season. Which might I add, BBC Three, you would be insane NOT to take Being Human back for another series.

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