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Review: Being Human UK, Series 3, Episode 2 - Adam's Family


Adam’s Family: Will our heroes be able to help teenage vampire Adam control his bloodlust before it’s too late? Vampires Richard and Emma are not only set on making a man of him but have plans for Mitchell too.


What I Thought

We are introduced to Adam, a teenage vampire at the very beginning of the show where we see him and his father arguing over having to move house because Adam’s never aging face is starting to become noticeable. Then we see Adam step towards his mother when he says he is ‘hungry’ but his father stops him and tells him to feed from him. Adam’s parents are his only source of blood as he has never been taught anything else. He turns out to be a rather crude and creepy vampire that talks non-stop about sex – basically like a normal teenage boy. I think he is finding vampire life difficult as he looks and acts like a teenager but he is really a middle-aged man who has never grown up literally, the Peter Pan of the vampire world. When Adam’s parents die, he is left to fend for himself, that is until Nina and George catch him and try to help him.

Mitchell is currently being haunted by hell via the television, reminding him that his time is nearly up. I can’t wait to see how Annie, George and Nina react to this tid-bit of information, i.e. what Mitchell had to give up to free Annie, I think it will be fierce. But I think it will be Annie’s reaction I will be looking out for the most as she has such a close bond with Mitchell, more so than with George and Nina I think. Just when things couldn’t get worse for Mitchell after his disastrous interview at the local hospital, the ‘Old Ones’ have decided to do a bit of clearing up after him which means he is being shipped overseas. Mitchell really considers going even though he is literally just back from hell freeing Annie. I could have slapped him a few times upside the head for this, men can be so stupid sometimes. When he finds out that Adam, a blood drinking vampire, has come to stay with him he hits the roof. He doesn’t want any temptations living under his roof and Mitchell becomes very rude about it all. I think he was being totally self absorbed and not very ‘human’ when he was trying to turf Adam out on his own.

Annie is sort of back to her usual self by caring for everyone and trying to help Mitchell out with his interview but you can tell that she is trying desperately to be better so she doesn’t end up back in purgatory. Just as Annie is settling into Wales and goes for a walk with Mitchell to the sea front, you can tell there is a definitely chemistry between these two characters by the way they talk to one another. Annie keeps saying ‘you’, meaning Mitchell, and then adding on George and Nina as an afterthought. I thought this was quite funny and just wanted them to get it over with already, but no, the tension continues to build as Mitchell is talking about how he might not always be around. I could have smacked him around the head again for this. Seriously that man needs some glasses if he can’t see what is standing in front of him or back at the house.

George and Nina spend the entire episode trying to figure out a way to help Adam. Even though Adam has been nothing but sleazy towards Annie and Nina, George finds it in his heart to help him. That’s just how the lovable wolf is. He and Nina go back to save Adam from the other vampires and with Mitchell’s help, gets him back on track and let him go. It’s sort of like they have adopted Adam for the day and get a taste of what it’s like to be a parent to a supernatural being. Wonder if that’s a bit of foreshadowing. Have to wait and see.

Overall, another great episode of Being Human. I was in fits of giggles with George and Nina and the vampires, Annie looked like she needed a good cuddle and Mitchell, well he needed some sense knocked into him this episode which I think Annie achieved after their walk to the beach. Annie has a way with words that I think touch the people around her without sounding too mushy.

The launch series three, episode two of Being Human was also the premier airing of Becoming Human, a spin off involving Adam and his new life. Go and check it out and see what other trouble Adam lands himself in.

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