Monday, 7 February 2011

Review: Becoming Human, Episode 2

Episode two of Becoming Human begins with Adam and Christa chasing down the school bully, Danny Kurtis, to question him about the murder of Matt. They lead him into an empty classroom to tell them what they know; that he was bullying Matt and that they think he killed him.
Matt then goes on a rampage around the classroom throwing things around, writing and misspelling the word ‘murderer’ on the whiteboard and launching pasta at Danny. All this ghostly behaviour freaks Danny out and relegates him into confessing that his bullying is a front and that he would never be able to kill someone and go on with life as normal.

Christa and Adam discover that Matt was just using them to get exact his revenge on Danny. This doesn’t sit well with either of them and they promptly quit investigating Matt’s murder. Adam makes it perfectly clear to Matt that they can’t use him and Christa for his own little games as they could end up seriously maiming or kill someone in the process.

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