Thursday, 25 November 2010

Review: Love Sucks by Lauren Hammond

My Rating: G, O, R

Published: 2010
Publisher: Punkin House

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In England during the seventeen hundreds, Cara Jones had her human life ended for her and she became a creature of the night. One moment she’s an adolescent young woman living her life, the next she’s lurking in the streets at night looking for her next meal. The vampire slayings in England became so brutal the whole race was nearly wiped out.

So Cara and the clan she called her extended family fled to the U.S. to make a home. They kept to themselves and stayed out of trouble by feeding on recently deceased corpses and cleaning out blood supplies at local hospitals. When one of the clan members makes a mistake, they are once again being hunted and Cara is the only one who makes it out alive. Cara is officially the last vampire on earth. So when Cara awakes from nearly three hundred year slumber, she awakes to a new city, new people and a new way of life. Cara sets out on a journey to find her soul mate, the one person who is designed for her. Along the way she encounters a zany new friend, a jealous co worked, and a man whom she can’t live without. Dr. Jared Sayers is her destiny. Will Jared give up everything he knows to be with Cara? Or will she wander the earth for the rest of eternity along?

Love Sucks is Lauren Hammond’s debut novel. It’s the tale of a young female vampire who finds herself in a whole new world and is setting out to find her one true mate.

I was quite excited to read this book as I love vampires and I love a good romance story. To begin with I really enjoyed the historical elements and I enjoyed learning Hammond’s transformation of her vampires. Hammond’s vampires are attacked and when they wake up they are thrust out into the world on their own with no guidance or training on how to not get caught by the humans.

Unfortunately about half way through the book was when the book started to dissatisfy me. I was finding that I wasn’t sure of the timeline anywhere in the book. I felt as if I was being dragged from one day to the next and then all of a sudden it’s a year later without any warning. Also, I personally wasn’t impressed by the character development in the second half of the book. It all felt a bit rushed and I felt as if the lot was too predictable.

Don’t get me wrong, Love Sucks was an enjoyable read but just not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t let my view of the book put anyone off reading it. I would recommend it to younger readers as I think it would be better suited to those of the teenage persuasion.

Disclaimer: I was sent this e-book via to review. I have not been paid to review this book and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.

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