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Review: ARC The Vampire Realtionship Guide Volume 2 (Secrets and Trust) by Evelyn Lafont

My Rating: VG, B, H

Published: August 2011
Publisher: Self Published

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Josie’s come a long way from being an average human chick who just wants to sex-up a vampire. She’s dated, mated, and killed one of the world’s richest vamps and is currently seeing a mysterious, blood-slurping hottie named Walker.

Now, Josie must adjust to the realities of a steady relationship with a vampire, which isn’t all exciting parties, hot sex and moonlit walks. And with a vamp who’s anxious to push their relationship to the next phase as mortality bears down on his human’s fragile body, the pressure for Josie to commit is on.

Can their night-day romance survive leaving Josie’s character and individuality intact, or will the secrets of the supernatural community crush her spirit and her chance at a permanent vampire mate?

Secrets and Trust is the second installment in ‘The Vampire Relationship Guide’ series by Evelyn Lafont. Funny, sexy and hot are just a few words that would sum this book up to me (and the lead male character Walker..*fans face*).

This book basically picks up where Meeting and Mating (book one) leaves off. Josie and Walker have been spending some quality time together after her near death experience and are on a road trip to Texas, Walker’s home. There were quite a few surprises in this book for Josie and it all started when she arrived at Walker’s humble abode. We see Josie and Walker’s relationship progress as they start to get a bit more serious about one another and what that entails.

I think the basis of this series revolves around relationships. I think if you took the supernatural aspect out of the story, these rules to dating and relationships would be just as applicable in real life. Everyone has to decide what they want from a relationship and work hard at it to make it work if they think it’s worth it. Which is exactly what Josie and Walker are doing in this series. The supernatural aspect is a fun twist to the story and makes it more appealing a read for me. Nothing to do with Walker being such an irresistible, hot and sexy vampire…*shakes head*, nope nothing to do with it at all *smiley face*.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment in the series and can’t wait to see what Lafont comes out with next. It’s definitely a series for those that like reading about the supernatural, especially vampires and werebunnies.

Disclaimer: I was sent this ARC for review by the author. I have not been paid to review this book and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.

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