Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sexy Blog Makeover...

*nervous laugh* So..what do you guys think? Don't you just love the new look?

I do..I'm over the moon with it!!!

And guess who it's all thanks too...yup that's right! The one, the ONLY... The Bookish Snob

This is just a wee dedication to the awesomeness that is Bels! And if you want to know what Bels gets up to when she isn't making over blogs, writing books, reading, blogging then take a look at this pic..

(oh yes Bels, you can't hide your saucy minxy ways forever...although you might want to hide these pics from your husband LOL)

Some folk have all the fun, eh? HAHA! 

BUT seriously, love you Bels and thanks for making my blog all gorgeous and sexified!!


Belinda said...

Thanks Naomi! Hahaha you had to show this pic! Funny thing is... this isn't the naughtiest one I had taken LOL My hubby just shook his head and said that I was definitely having a squee moment.

Glad you love your new blog design :) Love you!

the cautionary tale said...

HOLY CRAP who are THOSE guys! Go YOU!

Bob the Water Cat said...

Sleek. Nice look. (and nicely done, Belinda)